I'm a modern chef. Meaning that I prepare seasonal meals and even during the winter, I use a wide range of seasonal products. The most valuable asset for a cook is to know the origin of the products he or she is using and to know personally the farmers who have grown them. Even better, of course, if there is an opportunity to participate and help to plant, weed, harvest, and experience the full product life cycle.


Word “biologically” - for me it's a confidence-term with a visual recognition and documentary confirmation. It is also a community that unites wise people who want to make our earth a cleaner and greener place, and who treat fruits as a gift, nurturing and using them with care. When I think of organic food, I think of a meal prepared on an open fire, which is always tasty and aromatic, full of life enjoyment, vitality, warmth and taste. Let’s be closer to nature - enjoy organic food, which gives us a sense of warmth and vitality!